All About Vitamin B12 Benefits and Weight Loss

Benefits of Vitamin B12- HealthifyMe

Shots and pills of vitamin B12 are popular among individuals hoping for a rapid weight-loss remedy. Some even believe that boosting your vitamin B12 level will help you reduce exhaustion, increase your energy, and speed up your metabolism. However, studies on the benefits of this vitamin on weight loss have yielded conflicting findings. Vitamin B12 … Read more

Pumpkin Seeds: Benefits, Nutritional Value and Weight Loss

Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds- HealthifyMe

The tiny, edible seeds of the pumpkin hold a lot more nutrition than you think. Despite being so tiny, pumpkin seeds are rich in critical nutrients that our bodies need. As a result, pumpkin seeds have numerous health benefits, one of them being weight loss. In addition, pumpkin seeds make our meals healthy while adding … Read more

Turmeric – Benefits, Nutritional Value, Weight Loss & Uses

Uses of Turmeric for Weight Loss

We are aware of the immense benefits that Turmeric can confer. For example, turmeric improves immunity and diabetes, reduces inflammation, and manages cholesterol levels. Not only this, you can get healthy and glowing skin, get rid of stress and shed extra pounds. Turmeric is a leading spice and a necessary element in religious rituals and … Read more

Dark Chocolate – Benefits, Nutritional Value, Side Effects

Relish the 7 sweet benefits of Dark Chocolate- HealthifyMe

There is absolutely nothing that a bar of good old chocolate can’t solve. This sweet treat is enjoyed by all, whether you are 5 or 50. Sold in mainly three varieties, white, Milk and Dark, all of which are equally popular among chocolate. However, in this article, we will be exploring the health benefits of … Read more

Cardamom – Health Benefits, Nutritional Value, Diet Plan

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Indian cuisine is colourful, flavorful, and the spices not only add an interesting twist to food but also come with various health benefits that have been well chronicled since ancient times. One such spice among many others is Cardamom. Interestingly, cardamom derives from the seeds of various plants in the ginger family, grown in regions … Read more

Benefits of Hiking? Weight Loss and Bone Density

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The list of reasons to get into hiking is infinite. Let’s start with the basics. Hiking, whether up tall peaks, down steep canyons, or forest bathing along a quiet, mossy path through the woods, is an inexpensive and widely accessible way to get into shape. You can choose the route, pace, and duration according to … Read more