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Hello, So 3 years ago i injured my right arm distal tendon by doing deadlift.
Since then, my motivation has just been going down and down, i gained weight (lots of weight) and right now i stand at about 205 pound with some mass, but definetely not the shredded 160 pound guy i was before lol.

Anyways. I’m just starting to gain back a little of motivation, and i was wondering what would be a good supplement like pre workout, fat burners, proteins, etc.. im just looking for some suggestion specifically for pre workouts.
I dont want anything too crazy and cost efficient too as i used to have sleep problems (im looking for anything not exceeding 200mg of caffein)

Anyways, let me know whats your favourite go-to preworkout

What routine are you following or do you plan to follow?

Are you tracking your nutrition? Daily calories and carbs/fat/protein are what matter here. Use something like or

I assume you intend to cut (drop bodyweight, drop bodyfat) first (asked about fat burners). You’ll want to run a caloric deficit for that (eat less) so that you lose 1-2 lbs of bodyweight per week on average.

Use protein powder as needed to meet your daily protein goal/macro.

I wouldn’t spend money on a fat burner at this time, for the most part they are useful when they have stimulants to help reduce appetite, improve mood, and increase energy, but you should sort out your diet/nutrition first and you want to take it easy on sitms.

Pre Workouts

Most popular pre workouts are going to exceed 200mg of caffeine. Energy is what most people primarily want from a pre, after all. What do you want from the pre, besides a little bit of energy?

PES High Volume is a favorite for sim-free, it can be stacked with a 200mg caffeine pill to hit your caffeine goal/limit. There is also PES Prolific which does pretty well at 1 scoop (160mg caffeine) and could be stacked with some High Volume (even flavor matching).

Scivation Quake caffeine free is worth a look, for getting both the regular and the caffeine-free and using say 1 scoop of each for 175mg of caffeine and full dose of other ingredients.

Something like Controlled Labs Orange Brainwash has a little energy and also focus boosting ingredients with only 150mg of caffeine, or Controlled Labs Red Light with 175mg of caffeine taken pre workout and/or as a fat burner on non lifting days.

You could also take some of the popular pre workouts and only go for ~half serving to limit the caffeine, and accept getting a lower dose of the other ingredients.

There area a lot of choices for pre workouts/energy/fat burning supps. People generally love stimulants.

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